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Lumivo provides online competitive benchmark studies with hundreds of real people testing sites via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Participants are asked to carry out 3-5 representative tasks on your site. Additional sets of users evaluate each of your main online competitors. We typically benchmark the top 10 sites in an industry.

Competitive benchmarking with real users  helps our clients to understand:

  • Which sites are delivering the best user experience and why?
  • What are the user experience drivers of improved business outcomes such as acquisition, brand impact and customer satisfaction?
  • Where to prioritise investment in digital channels?


One of the best ways of accurately measuring the online user experience of your site against your competitors, is to recruit a large sample of people to perform representative tasks on your site and provide detailed feedback. Separate groups of participants perform the same tasks on your competitors' sites.  Participants evaluate the sites from their own computer, tablet or mobile device in a natural setting.

It is also possible to benchmark against companies that are outside of your traditional competitive set to learn about best practices in other countries or from other industries.

Our statisticians use statistical modelling to compare data across sites to understand which sites are leading in terms of user experience (UX), and what is driving better business outcomes. We then provide you with prioritized recommendations to help improve the digital effectiveness of your digital channels.

Option: Competitive benchmarking and prototype testing

Lumivo offer competitive benchmarking in combination with prototype testing. By accurately measuring the UX of a prototype and comparing it against known scores for your current site / your competitor sites, you can have confidence that the new design is going to be effective from day 1. Traditional usability prototype testing methods with small samples don't give you sufficient sample size. Our remote testing methodology means that studies can be set up and reported on very quickly. Find out more about our prototype testing.

Study design

  • 150-200  participants per site
  • Take part from own device in a natural setting
    • Desktop
    • Tablet
    • Mobile
  • Complete set of tasks e.g.
    • Evaluate homepage
    • Get a car insurance quote
  • Analysis to understand:
    • Best practices
    • Drivers of better business outcomes


Online competitive benchmarks are available in a number of countries for desktop, tablet and mobile sites in the following industries.

Financial services

  • Credit cards
  • Current accounts
  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance


  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Rental cars
  • Cruises


  • Mobile operators
  • Mobile device manufacturers

If your industry is not on the list above, please contact us. We are more than happy to set up a new benchmark. We currently run desktop, tablet and mobile competitive benchmarks in the US, the UK, Australia and can run in most countries on request. 

Please contact us to find out more.