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Online Journey Research helps our clients to understand where people go when they are exploring online for their products and services.

Participants are started at a blank browser and asked to compete a task, which typically involves visiting more than one site and using search sites such as Google.

  • Which sites are top of mind when people are looking for products in your industry?
  • What were the decision points on their journey which influenced them to visit one site over another?
  • Which sites do people end up on and why?
  • What was the user experience like on the sites they visited?
  • If they don't visit the client site during the study, then participants can be directed to visit the site to compare the experience.

Study design

  • 300-500 participants
  • Participants explore the web looking for information / complete a broad task e.g. Buy a new phone
  • Participants take part from their own home
  • Participants can visit any site; we capture where they go on their journey and why.