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Our work

The Lumivo team has worked on over 150 digital research and design projects for clients around the globe. 

We help our clients to: 

  • Benchmark desktop, tablet and mobile user experience against competitors
  • Evaluate sites with people in over 30 different countries
  • Test out new sites with people prior to launch
  • Measure the impact of site experience on:
    • Brand perceptions
    • Customer acquisition / conversion
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Other positive business outcomes

The team

The Lumivo team contains UX researchers, design psychologists, mobile research specialists, usability experts, information architects, ethnographers and other good sorts. The majority of the team have been working in digital for over 15 years. The team includes people who were among the first to design and research mobile websites for 3G devices, way back in 2000.


We use  a variety of online research techniques, analytic technologies and statistics to derive insights into the factors that improve digital business outcomes. One of the core methodologies is quantitative remote unmoderated user testing; large scale user testing to measure user experience, not just test for usability.

Global presence

Lumivo is headquartered in the UK and work for clients around the globe.

Contact us

If you'd like to have a chat about how we can help, great! Please contact the team.